May 2024 Blog Post 

Downtown Santa Fe

2024 Studio Update:
Shop and See Where the Magic Happens

My name is Skyli Britt and I started making jewelry five years ago when I was 19 years old. It is beyond amazing to now be creating and selling my jewelry in the heart of Sana Fe just a few streets away from our Plaza. At the end of 2022 I moved into my storefront in the Santa Fe Village mall and in the beginning of 2024 I decided to move my at home studio into the storefront downtown. I am finally feeling settled in, pumping out jewelry, and finishing up projects around the shop on a regular basis! Find a video update of my space below or continue reading on to learn about what I have been up to in my Santa Fe studio. 

Video Update!


Skyli Design Studio 

Located across the street from Del Charro, you can find my store nestled within a quiet old building. The address is 227 Don gaspar Avenue, Santa Fe NM 87501 and there are multiple entrances. My little hole in the wall shop is one of many unique and locally owned businesses and I am open on Saturdays only currently. 


You can shop the inventory in person, inquire about custom work or repairs jobs, and enjoy a quiet shopping experience at Skyli Design. The gallery space is shared with the studio and it is an honor to display to my clients where their pieces are handcrafted. 


I am a self taught jeweler who has been curating a stone collection and tool collection since I began crafting while studying in college. I am enthralled by all the different techniques and practices in jewelry making and I continually learn each day. New projects and new ideas from clients always create new talent and pathways of knowledge for me to explore. In the recent years the two techniques that have changed my designing process are: Wax Carving & CAD (Computer-aided design). You can learn more about custom jewelry inquiries here


The main area of the shop contains the display cases, soldering station, wax carving bench, and my main bench. This is where I complete most of the stages of the jewelry making process and the back area houses a lot of the bigger tools. Those tools include: my grinder, buffer, tumbling station, pickle pot, and mold making equipment. The built in’s are perfect for storing office supplies and other miscellaneous items needed for a small business. 


Thought the space is small, I am extremely grateful and happy to have a creative space where clients can shop. Schedule an appointment with me during the week or stop in on Saturday to discuss anything jewelry! Thank you for joining me on this journey through my 2024 studio update; I hope you're as excited as I am for all the wonderful things to come. Stay tuned for more updates, behind-the-scenes peeks, and creative inspiration. Forever grateful for my clients and supporters. 

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