An Unexpected Start to A Fantastic Path

I started making jewelry while in school for business and accounting. I would have never thought that it would have taken me on a wonderful journey of education, new talents, and building relationships with clients. My designs are inspired by the landscape of New Mexico, the Santa Fean people, and both contemporary and southwestern influence. 

-Skyli Seoul Britt

Turquoise on the plaza

My First Studio Space

When I started making jewelry I was reading books, watching videos, and experimenting in the back of a Haagen-Dazs ice cream shop. I was enthralled by the metal and stones and the endless possibilities. I had a jeweler’s bench, some hammers, metal, and some other basic tools to start.

In the back of this ice cream shop I designed, fabricated, and sold my first pieces. Prior to making jewelry, I had been helping produce “burros” for the shop. My mentor and boss at the time handed me a book on the art of jewelry making and the rest is history. 

Silver Mountain Trading Company

Simon Garcia saw my work in the Haagen-Dazs window and offered that I be an apprentice in his studio. Shortly after I started working for him frequently and moved my little bench into his studio space near the Santa Fe Plaza. Simon taught me how to further my fabrication work and I enjoyed learning every bit of the production of his. I also began selling my work through his company which meant a front row seat to the foot traffic on the Plaza. I still work closely with Simon and appreciate all of his guidance. 


Moving the Studio 

The at home studio was a huge goal of mine and I knew, at the time, it wouldn’t be easy. I was renting with my best friend and we had just moved into a place with a two car garage space that needed a lot of TLC.

I knew the garage would be the aesthetically pleasing art space I had imagined, but you have to start somewhere. The garage did not have flooring and because of this, the first step was creating a safe foundation for the studio. Concrete was poured not too long after and I was able to start configuring the space. 

Some electrical work was done for the lighting and power. I was ecstatic to move in tables, tools, and workbenches. It was great to have my own studio space at home but this space did have its pros and cons, like any studio does! In the summer it would get extremely hot and during the winter extremely cold. The space did not have any installation which was causing this problem but I could not solve this in a rental property, so I suffered in silence. 

Then in 2021 I was able to convert the other bedroom into a studio space. It would be inside and ventilation would be limited; this meant that I would need to keep all toxic tools/material in the garage for safety. I moved my main bench and toolbox into the new space along with the new tables I had purchased. Soon after I decided to bring my soldering station into the house.


The Main Studio Space

This studio space is a great representation of my personality and my journey. I am constantly updated, rearranging, and adding to my space for more creation capability. New benches have been added, plethoras of posters, and of course plenty of materials. I look forward to sharing more from my at home studio with you!