Skyli Britt is a dynamic jewelry artist whose creative journey began in 2019 at the age of 19. Hailing from the vibrant backdrop of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Skyli's artistry is deeply influenced by the region's rich cultural tapestry and her life's ever-evolving waves. Her distinctive style fuses clean, modern aesthetics with the timeless allure of the Southwestern tradition.


   Skyli's passion for crafting unique jewelry is driven by a dedication to telling stories through her art. Her at-home studio serves as a sanctuary where ideas flow freely, allowing her to transform metals, primarily silver, into exquisite pieces adorned with natural stones. Collaborative and deeply personalized, Skyli's creations are a reflection of her clients' individuality and culture. As she embarks on a golden journey in 2024, her aspiration is to continue building connections, both locally and globally, sharing her artistry and evolving alongside the lives she touches. Beyond the studio, Skyli finds inspiration in family, journaling, outdoor adventures, and a ceaseless pursuit of knowledge, making her an artist whose life's journey is as captivationg as her creations.

Early Years

Born and raised amidst the enchanting landscapes of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Skyli Britt's love for nature and animals blossomed early. As a child, she reveled in the vibrant Southwestern tapestry, fostering a deep connection to the region's natural beauty. School was a place of joy, especially when it came to math, where her enthusiasm for learning began to take shape. These formative years in Santa Fe laid the foundation for a lifelong journey of creativity and exploration.

The Beginning

Skyli Britt's path to becoming a jewelry artist began in a surprising yet serendipitous way. While scooping ice cream and crafting charming wooden donkeys, her boss at the time, Kevin McBride, handed her a book about jewelry making. Inspired by his gesture and guidance, Skyli embarked on her creative odyssey, and with Kevin's support, she transformed her passion into a thriving company. His mentorship remains a lasting inspiration in her artistic journey.


Skyli Britt's academic journey led her to the halls of the Santa Fe Community College, where she pursued studies in business and accounting. This unique blend of business acumen and creative passion provides a distinctive perspective that enriches her approach to jewelry artistry.

Custom Artistry

Custom orders hold a special place in my heart. Collaborating with clients, from concept to creation, fills me with passion and curiosity. Each custom piece becomes a cherished favorite.

Global Aspirations

While formal recognition may elude me for now, I've cultivated a close-knit community of clients in Santa Fe. My aspiration is to expand my reach globally, sharing my artistry with enthusiasts around the world.

Artistic Style

Skyli Britt's jewelry is a harmonious blend of modern elegance and the classic beauty of Southwestern aesthetics. Her clean and distinctive style imbues each piece with a sense of timeless allure. With a passion for crafting unique, personalized creations, Skyli's jewelry becomes an extension of the wearer's personality and culture, making each piece a cherished reflection of individuality.

Start Your Journey

My advice to fellow artists and everyone is simple: Take the leap. Begin that project you've been contemplating, explore that curiosity, and watch your life transform on this journey of creation.